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Fixing Sylph Skill Mistake...

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  • Fixing Sylph Skill Mistake...

    So, I made a mistake with the skill selection on my pan. I now have 5 full active skills and need to replace my mistake of adding Airy Guardian and not Aquilon's Lament.

    I am under the impression that based on the slyph help tab that I am now S.O.L on replacing the airy guardian? Since it will randomly remove one of the 5 current skills that I have including ones I do not wish to have removed (#3 in slyph help).

    Is this the correct assumption or is this possible to replace specific skills?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Pan.png
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Name:	slyph skills.png
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    Kabam - S39/S6
    (Mage lvl.80 ~172k BR)

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    Nothing you can do to fix that, yes it will replace something at random. In later patches when the v2 sylph upgrades come (Pan --> Medusa) you're able to pay a bit (bit being idk how much) to keep/rearrange/get new skills as far as I know, but by then you probably won't even want to use pan lol


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      You are stuck with those skills for now. But, I read in futur patches you will be able to choose which skill you want to swap.

      For now, you have to live with it or try getting what you want with trial and error, buying Aquillon Lament and hoping to remove the skill you don't want (Not really a good idea lol)


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        I find this utterly ridiculous, I am not one to spend money on games. I did for the Sylph skills, it is bad enough that you have to buy a new scroll for the same skill if you want a second Selph have the same ability but the fact that you can't even control which it replaces is unbelievable. And of course when this newer patch comes out it costs you more money to try and keep the skills! I know a lot of people who spend money on this game, I don't understand why they are trying to squeeze every last cent out of every player.