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Battleground and Arena pvp cross-server system

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  • Battleground and Arena pvp cross-server system

    Unfair system since i play on svr 390 Bloodpeak, in pvp arena we go against svr 6, svr 4, what ar we , targets ? pls change this system or let's all go play svr 6 or 4 , we slow lvl and kick new svr out, fair enough and for battlegrounds i think the system it's so lame i don;t even have words , lost 2000 honor in 2 days i am lvl 54 and i go against lvl 56 , 59 , wow maybe they have 55 set, cool system, i gain 35 honor per win and after i get kill by a lvl 59 noob only because he have a more skills, talents, fate stone, better set, fair enough, hmm maybe i wanna go to Battelgrounds and still got my Crusader Title but with this lame system it's impossible, it's all about luck if i wanted a game where u need luck to win i better bet on poker, do something about this system, we still wanna play this game

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    wow just -288 honor so nice to join battlegrounds another sad aspect , first 3 ar 59 lvl... fair enough maybe next time will have the luck to go against some lvl 80 privates that will be something to remember !
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