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  • Lottery

    Hello guys, I don't know if this has been suggested but here I suggest it, and how is working:

    1: Every day lottery not onces a month.

    2: Price from all people split to 1 and there could be 20% fee for the game. So for example:

    Gold lottery and Balens lottery each day:

    Gold lottery cost 50,000 gold to buy a ticket (Limited 1 ticket per day for one lottery no matter you'r vip or not or you'r son of a millioner )

    Balens lottery cost 50 balens to buy a ticker (Limited 1 ticket per day for one lottery no matter you'r vip or not.)

    100 people buy ticket for gold = 100*50,000 = 5,000,000 - 20% fee for game = 4,000,000 for the lucky person

    100 people buy a ticket for balen = 100*50 = 5,000 - 20% fee for game = 4,000 for the lucky person.

    Each person can play in both lotteries ! And make it so you can play with bound balens ! And the reward to be bound balens!!!

    Thanks for the time I hope you like it. I found it good idea.. The game win and we win.

    Edit: One more thing I forgot. There could be a title that you get when you win the lottery. Something like Balens Winer and Gold Winner (Just a suggestion it can be other name)
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