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Farming Kyanite

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  • Farming Kyanite

    As this is such a valuable resource (Kyanite) and the only item limited to one per farm, could this be an item added to the VIP LVL? This feasibly could increase your monthly VIP subscriptions and it could be added in such a way that you would gain an additional planting per 3 VIP LVL. As in Lvl 1-3 has the standard one plot per farm, Lvl 4-6 receives 2 plots per farm and Lvl 7-9 has 3 plots per farm. We all know that we need more of this resource as we gain levels and under the current format it is limited. I think that the idea would receive great support from active gamers and might attract new vip subscriptions just from word of mouth.

    Thank you

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    Kyanite is valuable resource? Maybe at the begining when you level up quckly and need a lot of it for Academy. But on higher lvs there was oposite problems - players have lot of it and there was nothing where to spent it. So they give us blessing wheel and advanced Academy. I am on lv 50 and I do blessing weel to max every day, all academy skills I improved to lv 50. I am only farming daily and time to time plundering and I have more kyantine then I can spent. Actually I have almoust 8 milion kyantyne and it is still increasing...


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      wait til u hit 60 n adv acad jumps to 40 lol


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        At my current lvl it costs almost 200k to advance all of my skills by one level. Plus if you use the blessing wheel that could add another 20k. No matter how much you farm or plunder there is not enough resources. It could easily be added to VIP perks, IMO.


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          true on high lvl advanced academy prices are large for 1lvl


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            It is already added into VIP perks. You get more kyanite per plunder!!!!


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              By increasing the availability of kyanite, they would be decreasing the things you have to work for.
              Think of kyanite as another form of grinding for rewards. You get more, you use it, then people complain that they have no use for it once everything is maxed.

              Remember the game has been around just over a year in this form, and it needs work to get to some of the better elements.


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                I agree with Billy. If we will have everything easy, what will we do?

                If you level up quickly, you have lack of kyanite. If you do it slowly as me, you have no problem with it, but you never will be one of top players on your server or in your guild (you will be strong only on your lv).