atm ist very easy for high br guilds to dominate gbs just with a small grp of Players defending the 4 Towers, to get the 100% boost. otherwise weaker guilds can do nothing but "defend" their ward against high brs ..... very Close to useless

just Change the System from 100% for all Towers to 20% each Tower (would even prefer 15% each Tower, but ppl wont go with that)


how about not just 8 but 16 guilds fior guild battles ?

grouped in 2 leagues. every 2 weeks best 2 from lower league go up to higher and 2 weakest go down to lower league ?

so more Players can go for guild battles, and this makes it more attractive to even build up smaller guilds for battles

also 2nd league should have 40 Players, just to fit with smaller guilds