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Nice stats, but ugliest mount ever!!!

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    Originally posted by /snipes\ View Post
    I never hit ppl more than 1x, and never EVER guildies or our ally guild. I would talk to ur GM if theres an officer in ur guild doing stuff like that. I know I'd warn any of mine, then not hesitate to kick if they wanna be a (rhymes with kick)
    same, I never hit ppl more than 1x, and I shall stop attacking in a few days after i get the mount. Anyway hiting 1x means hitting a lot of people, so many people are upset about it


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      Originally posted by mageheal50 View Post
      u getting 800 amethyst per day? if i was top player, i'd do the same, and will continue to do it. I wont even apologize. Now imagine im one those you plundered. Would you still feel sorry about plundering me?
      It has more to do with being a jerk in real life than just in a game mostly. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you have to do it, best example would be tower nightmare top 16 or top 4 getting naked. Of course they need to finish it too so they somewhat have to get naked but still they could do 3-4 levels and be done with it, so yes jerks will be jerks and nice people will be nice people, simple as that.


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        how is trying to max out your amethyst by stealing from weak people, being a jerk?

        the only jerk here, is the designer of amethyst mine event
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          Originally posted by mageheal50 View Post
          how is trying to max out your amethyst by stealing from weak people being a jerk?
          Man, you really sound like a politician when you said that...
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            there's a reason why you can continuously hit a person like if there is no cooldown so put it to good effect if that person keeps hitting you.


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              Come on guys, this is wartune, a pvp game. one man's gain is another man lost. everyone will eventually get the free mount,,, just a matter of time. the strongest get even stronger and the weak will remain weak or even weaker. Dont like being weak? then break the cycle and start cashing! can't handle the violence of pvp aspect? quit and play Carebear!


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                Lag permitting, I hit people only once a night. Yay for guildies with alts helping out.
                Knight - Kabam - S1
                Guild - Derpicorns


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                  btw, that mount's just a direct copy they got from WoW Gnome's Mechastrider mounts.

                  Just like how they got the elephant, rhino, rapter, and ape mount from WoW...