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Create Own Shop for Selling item/equipment/things

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  • Create Own Shop for Selling item/equipment/things

    Dears GM,

    Its was very nice game to play, i have some suggestion to Create Own Shop for selling Equipment or some other things, why ? 'cause every time we have doing mission then will get some stuffs randomly, sometime certainly things depend on the dungeon that we have entering, its very wisely if this game having an NPC for selling all those things and create owner shop too so we can selling the item which our own price.
    For examples we have some equipment that hasn't be used anymore, so we can selling with our own shop that others friends can buy it if they are necessary need those things.


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    AH was meant for that, but its not being implemented on western servers


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      Yup... Auction House was for that, but they made it pretty clear they're not bring it here, so there won't be personal shops either.