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Event: Legends of Balenor

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  • Event: Legends of Balenor

    [Activity] Legends of Balenor

    Duration: Ends at 23:59 PM (Server Time), 6 days after the server is released.

    Description: Do you have what it takes to be a legendary hero of Wartune? Raise your Battle Rating over 10,000 and stay within the Top 10 and be showered with rewards!


    Top 1 – 3 Players:
    1,000,000 gold, 1,000,000 Daru, Level 4 Gems Box x 4, Level 3 Gems Box x 10 and 200 Vouchers
    Top 4 – 10 Players:
    1,000,000 Daru, Level 3 Gems Box x 10 and 200 Vouchers
    Other Players with 10,000 Battle Rating:
    100,000 Daru and 100,000 Gold
    Battle Rating is dependent on your character's attributes. The higher quality your equipment and Astrals are, the higher your Battle Rating will be.
    All rewards are bound.
    Allow up to 96 hours for prizes to be sent.
    If you are within the Top 10 and only have a Battle Rating of 9999, you will not be eligible.

    ^ Pretty Cool Event though i did not know of this...I just wanted to ask...were stat potions taken into account within the last hour of processing the top 10 BR? i know of at least 3 ppl who had just about 300-400 BR under me just before i went off to bed, and wake up the next morning expecting rewards and...just got the scraps -.- while 2 of the 4 ended up with the top 4-10 rewards...not complaining time mind rendering the stat potion boosts ineffective for the event? -.-
    'Cuz I'ma CandyMan~

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    Well atleast ur server got the rewards. We are still waiting for them in S2. Which server are u from and when did u got them ?


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      I DIDN'T get the lv.4-10 rewards that was the thing rofl, i just got the scraps (the prize for just having 10k+ BR) and i'm From Roaring Wetlands
      'Cuz I'ma CandyMan~


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        Ouch thats a bummer.


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          In server 3 Worg Lair
          We still waiting for reward.

          no one in our server got that reward too.
          Wartune Server 13 Undead Swamp
          Name : Katniss
          Guild : 13th


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            Yes, I think that work, cuz these rank is based on the battle ratting
            Enjoy the Game


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              Originally posted by jenas View Post
              Yes, I think that work, cuz these rank is based on the battle ratting
              Yep simply BR, didn't have anything to do with arena
              'Cuz I'ma CandyMan~