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Wartune Character Walkthrough Video's

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    Originally posted by Wraithraiser View Post
    Lol if you think this is rage. Someone disagreeing with you and they're obviously raging, mhm yeah obviously must be the case. Still laughable how you can call him "non-casher" when there's dozens of videos with balens in his account, or what game cards and balen offers don't count as cash? Hmm, I see. Let's just pray for balens to magically pop up in everyone's account w/o doing a single thing to get them.
    Lol, ok take a chill pill now bro, u and ancev both, people get teased pretty easily now a days, had nothing to do with this post at all still was quite a ride thanks to you two ragers / impatient guys ,
    Ok ima tired now, u guys are getting real serious for no reason, chill out now, I aint ever serious unless when I'm raging at knights haha, was just toying around till my team arrives
    Oh and a non casher is a person who doesnt spend real money in the game. He satisfies the definition. Do continue the argument, leaving the thread, thanks for the entertainment
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      Originally posted by kattuktk View Post
      Nah not a fanboy, just getting a laugh out of teasing people who type mindless things in rage and show more rage when they cant back it up
      Ok back to the topic, hoarding is done to make the data gathering a lot easier, opening everything at once means you can collect data for % chance a lot simpler than otherwise, Oh and I thought we were talking about the knight?? I called him a non casher which clearly implies on his knight char, not on his mage char on which he spends loads( a clever choice as mages are the only class worth spending on, anyone who spends a fortune in a knight is just an idiot)
      How many tests with similar results does it take to confirm the spire chest drops? Anyway you obviously can't read or have me confused because I said "******' guides", I never referred to knight or mage. And speaking of his mage, even if he would spend twice as Jacko, I don't think he would even reach 2/3 of his BR. So teaching others "how to" suck is a great idea ( sarcasm intended).
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        why is there so much hate on guides and character overviews? Sure, these people, like anyone else, make 'mistakes' or do things you would do differently. But they just show how they do things. I dont think it is a good idea to copy someone's else's playstyle and character build anyway. Just take from it what you think is good, and what you think isn't or doesn't work for you, you can do differently.


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          Originally posted by kattuktk View Post
          I aint ever serious unless when I'm raging at knights haha
          yet you still play a knight. how come?
          let me cart. find someone else to help you suicide


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            jacko u getting the cloud caller?


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              So much anger towards a person because he doesn't share your views shows more about you than him. Just saying.
              People who give advice are not setting groundrules, they just give advice.

              Use it or ignore it, no need for bashing.
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