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Less Stress BGs & Arenas!

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  • Less Stress BGs & Arenas!

    I played Wartune a year ago, and the BGs & Arenas were the same. It's so bad that players now consider it as "paying your dues" to get killed so often you can't accomplish anything.

    Ok, I can deal with the dying part. Gonna happen, and you may as well accept it. Besides, if you die enough times you'll get frustrated enough to read up on your character and how to improve it!

    What really perturbs me however is the fact that in battlegrounds I'm always attacked by characters that are several levels higher than me, and in one-on-one they are always several levels higher. Although I enjoy a challenge, there is NO challenge in fighting a character 5 levels higher that one or two shots you! Kinda like going to a gunfight with your bare fists!

    We've all heard the whining, crying, complaining of new players going through this experience. And I'm sure that some of the higher level players would enjoy more of a challenge to make the game more "interesting". So why not develop a point based system for PvP battles? Something that would be fair and impartial, that would allow players to challenge their skill levels reasonably, and eliminate the stress and boredom?

    One suggestion that I have in mind for BGs:
    • Challenge a character your level or higher - 10 points for a win, 5 points if loses
      Challenge a character lower than your level - 1 point for the win, 0 points for a loss
      Accumulated points can be redeemed for star points, much like in the astral scenario.

    In One to One challenges, the system needs to be revised so that choices are no more than 2 levels lower nor 2 levels higher than the challenging character. Winner would receive 1 point for defeating characters of lower level, and 10 points for defeating characters the same or higher level.

    If a point value system like above could be integrated, I'm sure that many more players would enjoy the game much more, and possibly stay longer, maybe even become cashers. JMHO on the matter. I'm sure some of the "old timers" will blast me as being a whiner/complainer...but bring it on. I'm only trying to make a more even playing field that is fun and enjoyable for everyone. Also, having played WoW since it first came out, I'm accustomed to a system where it's an honorable challenge to fight those your level, but being a bully and coward to fight only those you know you can defeat.

    Thank you for your time.