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Lag Problem?

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  • Lag Problem?

    There is none. Your graphics card/computer as a whole/ISP/inability to clean your computer so you can get on facebook faster is your problem.

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    What point were you trying to relay?

    If you're saying it's OUR fault even after they've admitted that it's a flash problem. Then you sir, are funny.
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      That's strange. I run a rather basic PC with an integrated graphics card.(ewwwww) ISP with higher ping and lower DL speed for the part of the country I'm in. I worry not as I float around everyone in amethyst mine and all the other maps you all seem to have a problem in. Then I just jump to WB without any lag and continue the game from there.... lag free. In short, clean your flash cache and quit right clicking and clearing cache... unless there is an update. Also helpful to clean up those cookies every once in a while. If it was a universal problem, all of us would be having a problem would we not?


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        The lagg is mostly fine, it's a cache problem + flashplayer problem, probably because they don't update their game enough to the newest flash player which causes issues.

        The way they programmed this game is ridiculous, just check their newest game Blade Hunter.
        I'm European and I played a bit on the American test server and it runs very smooth.

        But they don't fix Wartune at all except for some dumb typos...
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