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Change Price for Activate Double Skill & Open Inventory Slots

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  • Change Price for Activate Double Skill & Open Inventory Slots

    Some Suggestion for All Server for Bound Balen used Ratio against Voucher

    Before Patch or upgrade Game 2.1 used Voucher for Open Slots in Inventory & for Activate Double Skill is as usual
    before Upgrade Game lvl 2.1 daily Guild Blessing & Farm give good amount of Vouchers ..
    but after upgrade Game R2 change Bound Balen Against Voucher

    at this time need 995 Balen for Activate Double Skill in Skill Menu
    but R2 didn't give much free Bound Balen against them.
    R2 crop ratio for Bound Balen.
    Before Upgrade Game 2.1 need 995 Voucher for Reset Skill & that time daily get good amount of Voucher
    in Guild Blessing minimum Voucher amount is 20 before game upgrade ..
    but at this time Price same 995 but Bound balen but R2 didn't give Players good amount of Bound Balen.
    Minimum Bound Balen get from Guild Blessing is 2 only ..
    & also didn't give Bound Balen from Farm...
    so how can player get 995 Balen for use Reset Skill
    Other thing is before Upgrade Game need Average 700+ Voucher for Open Slots in Inventory
    but now need same Rate but with Bound Balen
    so how can it's possible at this upgraded game with same ratio
    change is first ASAP.
    we don't force that give us Bound Balen but change Price of Reset Skill & Open Inventory Slot
    at Upgrade game time R2 give us Bound Balen against Voucher & Ration is 20:1
    so now change Price also 20:1 also in above things too
    995 Voucher for Reset Double Skill : 50 Bound Balen for Reset Skill
    as same in other thing also

    SERVER :S315 Feathercrest
    Guild : Knight
    IGN : Kaal lvl 57
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    yeah r2 needs to change the price of inventory and double skills
    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!


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      Dont need to change Double skill price..

      Only Inventory Slot and Reset Skill.
      All can be killed, Dryads FTW!

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        You could never purchase double skill page with Vouchers.
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          Sry for Inconveyncing ..
          Change Price for Reset Skill & Inventory Slot



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            Agree on this. Earlier, any beginner who did not event spend a balen could open open 2nd inventory page with vouchers, even 3rd on the long term. Now people are struck with one inventory page, and need to spend a FORTUNE to open up second. Price for reset skills and opening inventory slots should be divided by 20, like it was done with farm upgrade.
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              if possible any event on mahra or fashion shads onfuture event can u avial that fashion shads too less chanses getting shads from spire or not at all getting any think getting only shadow crystals or nothing else core its impossible
              please give that type of events
              with love ddollyy
              s 15 shrin of sakaya

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                Not that this is problem guys but i opened topic about Opening Inventory Price and there i option to vote there if u check this link u will find it :