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  • Formation

    This has been a problem since the 2.1 patch was introduced we only have 2 rows in our formation... this would seem to be faulty since the shadows in ToK have 3 rows still.. being a mage most of the ToK groups we fight are a good mix with archers and knights a mage needs the middle row to even maybe survive some of the attacks that are thrown. I'm sure others have complained about this and we probably will never see a change but at least i said it

    S18 Blazing Desert

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    also bloodfang didnt show today on servers 2/7/11/18 thanks for the maintenance


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      I also complained about Tok having 3 rows while we are stuck with 2. If our mages have to face archers and knights, so should theirs!

      p.s. no wb or bg again on s7 and merged servers.
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        not too long ago i posted a tread on this same topic.