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Attention: Adobe has blocked flash content from playing beginning January 12th. Please update to new client version 1.1.2.
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Disable some options to reduce lag.

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  • Disable some options to reduce lag.

    Before the server clock was added, i would manage to play nice. But now with the clock, its pretty much near impossible. In instances, people finish the fight and i have to wait 6 seconds so i can also finish.
    Before the silver in the mouth kids ( or adults ) start to tell me to buy a new pc, i just want to recommend to make more options in the game optional ( like clock, chat, other effects ) so you can reduce the server lag. I even play in minimize screen ( a lot ) to reduce the effects and speed up gaming.

    Or, will the so called mini client that will be coming soon ( like other stuff ), reduce an important amount of lag from the game?

    And i believe i'm not alone in the continuously lag fight, give us players some support here...

    Break a leg or pass a kidney stone.

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    Im with you on this but i dont think they could do much more with the options to reduce lag as this is a shockwave ruining game


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      shockwave flash player creates the lag. When you add stuff you increase the memory or the capacity for the player to run. I think once they roll maitenance they will help to reduce the lag that the banner at the top of the screen creates. It will all get better after all its not even a month old yet on the game.


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        you could wait a lil'bit longer at lobby or starting points or even miss 1 fight at the beginning to gain better speed . i think i cut the effect loading part or even the map and terrain so ..wait for it a lil bit longer to cut the sync gap