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My Credit Card. We''re sorry but your credit card was declined HELP!

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  • My Credit Card. We''re sorry but your credit card was declined HELP!

    We''re sorry but your credit card was declined if you feel this is in error please:Ние'' повторно Съжаляваме, но вашата кредитна карта е била отказана, ако смятате, че това е грешка, моля,

    EN:Why can not I use my visa card to buy 500 or 1000 balens rejected my card and in it I have enough money even to svarzag and the bank and the problem is you want answers why I can not buy balens.

    BG:Защо не мога да си използвам виза картата да си купя 500 или 1000 баленс отхвърля ми картата а в нея имам достатъчно пари даже се свързаг и с банката и проблема е от вас искам отговори защо не мога да си купя баленс

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    You can only recharge 1000$


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      You can file a ticket, so some one can investigate the issue although, i would recommend that instead of that to avoid issues you can buy ultimategamecards and use them to buy in-game here, it's pretty easy and safe.


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        If your credit card was declined means that the card itself is blocked from internet transactions, considering it's a Visa. Check with the bank to see if you need to unlock the card or not. If you have used it online before then file a ticket here
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          I called to my bank where the card is not blocked what to do to buy balens now in this case please help


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            So meet me by the bank that the problem is you and not even attempted transaction when I try to do their purchasing power does not even take into account that I was trying to make a purchase please fix it


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              If you were using a visa credit card and tried to purchase balens through playspan then there is an issue. Apparently playspan doesnt consider visa cc safe enough. I had no problem using mine till I used it to recharge another account in this game, from that time my card got considered as unsafe- total ** if you ask me- and cant use it any more. For me its actually better cause buying a gamecard or a special card for internet use just makes me spend less than i used to, gives me time to think twice lol.