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BG and Honor

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  • BG and Honor

    I',m just wondering if they are going to fix BG, i'm a lvl 8 vip with 87k br lvl 77 why is it i lose 120 honor to someone who has 110K br? then i get dryad kill them an only get 74 honor in return? to me just makin it easy for cashers to get honor an screw the rest of us? also spawn camping is a HUGH problem took me 8 mins to get out of spawn cause of 4 people camping our spawn, there should be a 10 sec CD so someone cant sit there an spam all day also, should make resource officer harder to kill seeing it die every min is getting annoying. your making it so cashers get stronger whiel everything else stays the same? ad last but not least, wartune should stop the false advertising " free to play?" more of free to get your *** kicked an treated like **** because we dont sit there an spend 1000$ for a mount some us have lives bills kids etc we dont live off welfare or with our parents.

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    you lost honor because it is based on honor ranks being a level 77 with 87k br must be tough


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      the bg system is flawed like that. Max honor loss is always more than the honor u gain per kill depending on your rank and opponent's rank. If you kill someone of same or lower honor rank, u get much lesser than if u tried to kill someone who is higher ranked than u. As for spawn campers, if you can organise ur team, you just need everyone to leave spawn pen at same time and 4 will be sacrificed to stop the campers while the rest get to run amok :P
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      BR: 176k / 180k (with block and hp astral instead of illusion and deflect =P)


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        For you the only solution is to wait for VIP9. Your character is broken.
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