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Fix inventory space

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  • Fix inventory space

    95 balens for 1 space of inventory for new players is sickening. Please fix this.

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    Originally posted by Heartbow1 View Post
    95 balens for 1 space of inventory for new players is sickening. Please fix this.
    Yes, and on the 2nd page it's like 900 for a line. You can't seriously expect players to pay $200 USD just to open their inventory. The cost should have been reduced by a factor of 50 like the farms.

    One friend with low inventory has to get kicked from the guild weekly just to keep storage manageable.


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      um explain to me how being kicked helps with storage. As with the guild vault. you will have more space even if you haven't opened up all slots! this logic does not make sense. as all stuff from vault would be put back into your inventory


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        It helps with inventory, cause all the stuff from guild vault gets sent to you in mail when leaving a guild. Hence when rejoining, your guild vault is empty again. But since those mails don't last forever and you constantly get new stuff, it has to be redone regularly.
        And the fact they use kick is that that person can rejoin immediately then, instead of the 24h wait period when you leave yourself.


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          There is already countless threads about this subject. Please lets focus this to one thread to get our point across. I recommnd this one


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            open ur guild vault higher if ur players r having problem with storage


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              opening guild vualt is just a band aid to a bigger problem. Even with level 10 guild vault you can fastly fill it up if you dont have more than one inventory page opened.