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Why do you hate the new recharge event?

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    Originally posted by almona View Post
    U need a bit of growing up, stop spending your parents' money my friend, the amount wartune is asking for is far, far more than what is required to maintain a site, i think what jeff was saying is that nobody spends that on a regular basis, they are just going on increasing the prizes and the trend wont stop ever if people feed them, its their greed not their need. Grow the ** up
    Grow the **** up? I go out, have a life, have a job, and am not a poor scrub who goes around complaining about what I can't have, maybe you need some time to grow up, and greed has absolutely nothing to do with it, A game has to pay for server hosting, staff, promoting, and other things, and obviously the game has to make a profit or else there would be no reason to make a game, why don't you go play WoW where you have to pay a fixed amount for time, as a free game you NEED events like these and to make money by charging higher prices.

    You complain about not getting what you want like a little child and moan because you can't have it, then you go ahead and call someone else a child, seems about right.

    Even if you are not a child, you are an ignorant human being, and should just end all the misery for us by ending your sad miserable life.


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      Originally posted by FarrelBrown View Post
      I don't care for people who jealously hate on cashers or call them stupid for "spending money on pixels". I thoroughly support a persons right to spend their money as they see fit. That being said.....nobody gives a DAMN how much money you have and you coming on these forums SPECIFICALLY to flaunt the fact that you spent a grand for the recharge mount in this way is ridiculously immature. You are not better than everyone else because you have been successful financially. People shouldn't bash you for your spending practices but YOU have no right to deride them for their inability to make large sums of money. Posts like this are the exact reason why non/light cashers HATE the heavy spenders in this game. So stop being a child and perpetuating the stereotype that all Hard Cashers are snobbish little rich-boys with nothing better to do but throw their wealth in other peoples faces.

      that is all
      I agree 10000% this.

      @Filfi, you are just awful and showing you are the immature human. I don't like using child because there are children out there who are smart, obedient, and pleasant at that age.
      Are you seriously comparing WoW TO Wartune? WoW Has WAY more people to serve, more updates and maintenance to do and becasue of it size and bigness, it requires more money, yes. But Wartune? The amount of people who are VIP covers 99.9% of things in here anyway. Making events like these, make non/light cashers mad, but makes the casher feel like he/she has to spend more on these events to get a item that looks good which makes them feel like "Why they jacking it up" and might not spend on future purchases if R2 continues down this road...
      The game needs not these events. R2 makes TONS OF profit. This event, just 100% pure profit. Tell me what cost $1,000 to fix/implement or whatever on this game that R2 has to do?
      As a free game and especially a browser one, does not need these events to survive...
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        The more people cash for this game the more people will feel pity for them....


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          Originally posted by MrPunkinHead View Post
          1.) The game already exists.
          2.) Developers aren't paid well enough to come out with quality patches.
          3.) Producers? R2 doesn't need to promote their own game. They could just as well outsource it.
          4.) They have "volunteer" staffing as well. Not every server has it own delegated Employee.
          5.) The forum alone comes in one of the cheaper versions from vBulletin.
          6.) It's a browser game. The only costly part is bandwidth.
          7.) I'm confident monthly VIP is enough to cover everything. Anything else is purely profit.
          Only forums mods are free, as they are volunteers.
          They must pay coders, and many other people to keep things running smooth and fix things / add things.
          R2 does not own "Wartune" they are simply a company who made another version of Wartune by paying for a license from the original owners.
          The forum is not a large part of the game, and does not need to be expensive.
          It costs money to host servers and host the website, things aren't cheap or free for these types of things.
          VIP alone wouldn't come close to covering the servers alone, next time google a few things instead of just randomly thinking up things and typing it out.


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            Originally posted by Filfiljuma View Post

            Even if you are not a child, you are an ignorant human being, and should just end all the misery for us by ending your sad miserable life.
            "… Stupid people do stupid things.
            Smart people outsmart each other.
            Then themselves! Then themselves! …"

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              well ppl should care how to spend their my country paychecks are around 200$.so when someone do recharge 1000$+ per day u can see how 99% of ppl will have low opinion of them.
              some ppl starve and don't have clothes to wear,it would be prudent to give to charity such money many ppl will like u more for that,than to spend on few pixels.


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                Originally posted by Filfiljuma View Post
                Even if you are not a child, you are an ignorant human being, and should just end all the misery for us by ending your sad miserable life.
                Wow are you for real? Yes that is really something a mature grown up would say...NOT.


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                  well its true that its your money and you do what you want with them. There are a lot of rich people who spends a lot of money everywhere which we consider a 'waste' so why not in a game as well?its just another hobby after all. Well the thing is that if you were to buy a 300 k $ wine few of us would actually care , and the ones who do care would be for reasons like 'ha what a fool, wasting the money on it, I could have done so many more useful things with them' or 'so many poor people who has nothing to eat, and those foolish people wastes them on nothing'. But if you 'waste' the money on this game, like 1 k $ most of us are affected, why? Let me tell you 4 reasons after my humble opinion for which people dislikes this recharge event of 1k $ so much:

                  1) bg is harder for the rest. Some of the opponents became very strong because of those recharges which gave 1-2 more starts to their purple apollo + mount + a lot of other goodies so for us it becomes so damn hard to do bg. Tok/ta are also harder
                  2) the demand-offer report. Since the demand is so big , and so many of you are buying it, their offer shall become more and more expensive which again is harder for the rest of us to actually buy even the most common stuff .
                  3) competition: there are a lot of hard cashers who competes with each other and they try to take advantage of every offer so they won't lose the edge, but for some this was just to much, so their 'arch enemies' which had this amount of money to spend on the game are now 1 step ahead. Since the trend of such events tends to increase everytime, the competition is kind of gone since you know the gap shall just increase between you, and all your fight to be the strongest until now were in vain.
                  4) oh well, all those jealous, envious, silly + the ones that considers that this game requires no skill. Its funny how those that cashed 10-20 times more than you swears you for being a casher when they lose, thinking that since money are everything and they lost, that means you invested more money than them in the game for sure

                  now about 2) which some tried to explain here, the fact that so many of you recharge this insane amount of $ for this event only encourage them to increase the prices more and more. now I am sure some of those who still recharge it are aware of this but we enter point 3) now. They are happy that the competition can't handle it anymore, so they shall get 1-2 more stars advantage for shylps + other stuff, so for them is a blessing. Why stopping when they finally got the advantage over many others and reduced the number of competitors?

                  THis is why i think people are more annoyed by the fact that you spent 1 k $ here than if you buy a 300 k $ bottle of wine. I dont think they'll make any threads to express their hate on you if you waste 300 k $ for that...

                  About 1) group. Met someone today with 129 k br and 5 star purple apollo in bg more than once. He wasn;t even in the cross server ranking so he either likes to fully pot before every bg either his br increased a lot thanks to the mahra from the event (he was riding the cloudcaller). There were ofc a lot more riding those mounts so like in tok, if until now we had chances to defeat some of them, now we are like ants for the same persons :P.
                  Ohh well, lets just enjoy the game as much as possible anyway, hakuna matata :P
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                    You need to love all of this drama for such a little thing.

                    Some of you need to wake up and take a look at the real world.


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                      Originally posted by Miubs View Post
                      You need to love all of this drama for such a little thing.

                      Some of you need to wake up and take a look at the real world.
                      ohh dont worry, rich dudes are hated everywhere, to busy to look in others garden than to live our life


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                        I have absolutely nothing against cashers, they can spend their money like they want. I have something against cashers who think they are better humans being and think everyone is poor because they can't justify the amount of money some people spend in this game. So, cashers can spend what they want, ok, but just stop thinking everyone is jealous of you only because they just want to play for fun and don't care about being top 10 cross-server.

                        Also last thing, here is the definition of "game" An activity providing entertainment or amusement; a pastime.

                        Spending 10K $ on a game is not what I have in mind when playing a game for fun, but it might be for other people.
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                          its very sad to see how they try so hard to buy respect,glory,happiness and friendship with money.Such shallow people.


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                            Originally posted by Draggyy View Post
                            ohh dont worry, rich dudes are hated everywhere, to busy to look in others garden than to live our life
                            Quoted for the truth,I hated them also(i work with them on a daily bases at the 5* hotel where I am employed),but my opinion has changed.

                            The sad truth everybody is looking in the uper gardens,and nobody takes the time to think that all of us that are writing here right now can afford a PC/laptop ,a good chair/bed,a roof ,food,a shower etc.

                            And I'm sure if you go and tell to a poor elderly person/a hobo/orphan(you get my point) that you just spend 10$ this month to get internet just so you can play games they will think the same way everybody thinks about this event and about the people that spend 1k$ for it:that you are wasting your money,you pay for pixels.,and things of the sort.

                            And then i wonder?What would you think then?


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                              Senad that's probably what you would do lol dont generalize your thoughts to everyone
                              IF YOU ARE READING THIS THEN YOU ARE QUITE BORED

                              ∞GOOD VIBRATIONS∞


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                                Originally posted by RedemptionS42 View Post
                                Wow are you for real? Yes that is really something a mature grown up would say...NOT.
                                Actually yes it is, he is a waste of space on this earth and I have the right to feel that way, I express what I am feeling instead of hiding it unlike most people, get over it.