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Why do you hate the new recharge event?

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    I generalize my thoughts based on my country where my father makes 200$ month and 99% of population makes around that amount,so when I say to my father person cashed 1000$ on game he say he isn't normal,and everyone else would say same thing because it isn't normal person to pay such amount on something like that .I could live for 6 months with that money.what the heck is wrong with u ppl!!go give 1000$ to homeless children and see smiles on their faces that will bring u some peace in your disturbed soul,than buying mounts in game to make your self feel better and happy.


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      Originally posted by Miubs View Post
      Quoted for the truth,I hated them also(i work with them on a daily bases at the 5* hotel where I am employed),but my opinion has changed.

      The sad truth everybody is looking in the uper gardens,and nobody takes the time to think that all of us that are writing here right now can afford a PC/laptop ,a good chair/bed,a roof ,food,a shower etc.

      And I'm sure if you go and tell to a poor elderly person/a hobo/orphan(you get my point) that you just spend 10$ this month to get internet just so you can play games they will think the same way everybody thinks about this event and about the people that spend 1k$ for it:that you are wasting your money,you pay for pixels.,and things of the sort.

      And then i wonder?What would you think then?
      Yes unfortunately few can see what they have and acomplished and only sees what they 'need', a need which is usually a luxury without which you can live just fine but you disguise it as a need. Every time we achieve something we thirst for more, like an endless hunger. It takes a lot to actually see what you have and be satisfied with that before you lose it, because as you probably already know most of us values what they had only when they lose it, after which they wish only to be the same like before because they actually had all they need .
      A lot of people around here acting like they need those thousands of $ so they can be happy without valuing enough what they already have

      A hint for everyone: youre needs to be happy are subjective, you set them. If you set them so high even for little things like this you shall never meet true happiness, only dissapoinments and sadness which shall affect your health. Cheers


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        This thread is starting to get out of hand.
        I suggest that some of you should respect other people's opinion or debate over their opinion in a civilized manner.

        Closing thread.

        ...but actually does something like stalk every word you post

        This moderator is unreliable, I'm serious