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Crit Knight: Front or Back?

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  • Crit Knight: Front or Back?

    I do need some information from crit knights.
    It makes me wonder how you manage block and crit and troop counts.

    If you place yourself in front, (providing you have a good block stat) you will receive more damage from troops, thus blocking more often which means more heal = survivability.
    But then, crit knights have lesser defense compared to wd knights, so they take more damage.

    If you place yourself in back, (providing you have a good troop count), well, most of the time, they have to take your troops out before they can start to damage you.
    Good thing is, since you are crit knight, you can kill them faster before they can kill your troops "most of the time".
    But then, the block stat is will not be actively used compared when you are in front...

    How should a crit knight place themselves?

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    I place my self always at back, on WD and Critical both, never ever stand in front , lmao you are vulnerable, specially if you are high br as now sylph has come so no point of tanking for your troop, let troop do the job
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      Well it's up to you on how you place yourself. I'm always in front (when not class wars day)


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        It depends on your other stats. It is true that you sacrifice some defences for crit, how much that is depends on your build.
        I'm standing at front 99% of time


        • #5
          always at front except in CW


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            heh, easy prey for other knights while you are in front, theu=y can damage you first and take you out and then the troops who do low damage and get killed fast are an easy prey


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              i always go in back let troops be first line of defense cause with pets they will just die anyway so let them take the first whoopn

              and yes i give alot of defense for my 6k crit but hey i like to be different
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                troops in front. i love when other knights are in front. slasher > rune > udd

                I won't even get into why you should be wd and not crit.
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