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Healing Astrals

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  • Healing Astrals

    I would suggest a little tip up for the healing astrals. To augment the healing chance by 1% each lvl. It's not much, but at 10%, it's really close to not be worth it at all. ex: Bloothursty

    lvl 1 10% chance to heal 5%
    lvl 2 11% chance to heal 10%
    lvl 3 12% chance to heal 15%

    or down a little the healing rate to tip it up if you found it too strong.

    lvl 1 10% chance to heal 6%
    lvl 2 11% chance to heal 8%
    lvl 3 12% chance to heal 10%

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    What do you mean by too strong? Are you comparing a blue astral with a green astral?


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      Originally posted by autlos View Post
      What do you mean by too strong? Are you comparing a blue astral with a green astral?
      I think he/she compares the suggestion to bloodthirsty...
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        I dont get the point of the topic though sorry!


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          The point is that you only get 10% chance to be healed, no matter the lvl you bring the astral to or the rarety of it. I think it wouldn't be too much asking that each lvl you bring your astral up, you get a 1% more chance to be healed


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            Oh so youre making a suggestion to also level up the chance it procs?


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              Yep. I think that's a great idea. makes the work on your astrals a little more rewarding.
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                Indeed, that is exacly what I am suggesting