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Some additional ways to level up faster please read gm

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  • Some additional ways to level up faster please read gm

    I am mastoras from server 409 (r2games).I want to tell you guys that its really hard to level up! So please some additional ways to earn exp
    that too lots of 'em.Like in other games (eg:yitien)meditation will..or should be added(like you should be able to get exp by spending time in cloudcity) . And some additional events which should give lots of exp!! Bounties are supposed to give more exp!!.And BALENS the most big problem,as you
    level up you need balens for power and all and to level up too the least you can do is reduce the amount of balens
    needed (well, its not usefull to me because i am a non-spender but....its for spenders).And yeah thats all i have to say...i mean write you can
    do what pleases you

    WELL i think you should add at least some of these

    S409 Blightwood and thanks
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    I've heard of people complaining about getting too much exp but not the other way around. o.O


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      Since you are new I will let you in on a big tip. DONT level up fast if you are non spender


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        as zeak said, you should actually avoid the bounties and shadow crystals quests as a non spender lol. And complaining about leveling to slow on such a new server when you actually increase in level a lot faster than at higher levels? you have no idea how much you'll remain at the same level later on...


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          lol why would you want to lv up faster?


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            I think is good some its now, its only hurt frome 76 to 80 its relly a pain, but should hurt to get top lvl i dont agree to the EXP reducing them will do in next patch frome lvl 74 to 80
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