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Monster Rage

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  • Monster Rage

    Do monsters/bosses also build up rage and uses skill? If so, will the skills that deduct rage from enemies also work on monsters/bosses?

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    Hmm. not sure if that is the case. Does any knight who uses the Intercept skill know if the damage received by the boss is reduced or if you get an extra turn by using that skill.
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      No it doesn't work. In Dual it doesnt even remove rage from CPU controlled players... kind of useless rage effect other than for live PvP.

      Intercept is a nice skill for massive fixed damage against people with armor. It ignores defense values and deals a set damage that can only be boosted by the timer running out.


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        the knight rage skill removes rage in duels alot of knights i fight take 30 rage from me all the time and i see the icon above their head so does work in duels against players anyways how do you see the npc rage and know it doesnt effect them?
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