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january second half of the month event?

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  • january second half of the month event?

    any news or info about this? any webpage were I can look this information?

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    don't know but there will be a patch after 20 jan, *as i heard from people*
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    and R2 Not helping with restoring the account. Sweet, This is what i put tons of money here .


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      Heard it will be on 31st january, chinese new year :P
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        nice zorro .... almost non casher ))))) .... . what i heard on kong sever`s new patch will be release totaly on 22 jan .... on r2 maybe in april .... they don`t have money to buy new patch from kong servers ))))
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          1 day left on New Year Card exchange.

          Any news on what's going to be in 2nd half of month event?

          Not sure if I should exchange for Mount Whip, Fate Stone, or more Soul Crystals...


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            maybe R2 will cancel that mount whip event since lot of players already prepare for that event. LOL
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              next event will be the "febuary" event since its almost the end of the month which will have the lucky clothes and anchient dragon... havent seen any event lists but should have whip event


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                I'm relatively sure there'll be events after patch, for mahra/seps/hades sylph, a mag on ProC confirmed it's coming only thing not known *to us* anyways, is the date, but considering the new sylphs are coming having events to let people cash hard to power them up, as always seems more than fitting. After that the February/Ancient Dragon events seems likely, sure, or maybe they'll be together forcing people to choose/low cash/no cash or cash hard hard to get everything.