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bg honor limits?

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    Originally posted by ancev View Post
    nobody really wants to know that
    Amen to that .
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      Originally posted by liquid_oxygen View Post
      there is no limit on loosing honor per day until your total honor is 0.
      You can never go to zero since once you drop to Crusader (32000) you don't lose honor anymore.
      Originally posted by OniZoro View Post
      no limit to losing honor but what does suck is say you gain 600 honor in a BG and lose 200 to some guy, your honor for today in the x/3000 will be 600/3000 the lost will not be counted
      This happens for everyone that's not VIP9, the losses don't get counted as deductions from your total gain so if you get dryaded a few times losing 400 your cap for the day was 2600. Also add in every -10 you'd get on the way, so the cap gets decreased quite a lot for some lol


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        I was mad at bg that day, so I stripped and ran into anybody who came my way
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