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    Since the wartune 2.1 patch, the bound balen took the place of vouchers. It was easy to obtain vouchers not on till Bound Balens stepped in. It's a rip off to get two bound balens in a spire chest. Or can you put back the vouchers or make Normal Players receive alot of bound balens or balens? If no, why?

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    in a spire chest you were getting 20 vouchers=1 bound if you get 2 it;s an extra thing.I think bound balens are ok,I dont want vouchers back,is just the prices that are too high comparing with china.For example:reset skills and talents:100 balens in china,895 here;crypt key:18 balens there,75 here;inventory last row:1260 in china,7600 here+many others,especially when 30k balens costs 85$ there and 299$ here.
    Server: Kabam 17
    Player name: Dwarf
    Player level: 80
    Player class: Knight
    Honor title: Imperial Mythic Something
    Battle rating: 615k
    Guild name: LoonyToons