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Guild Battle Strategy

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  • Guild Battle Strategy

    In the upcoming guild battle today, wer fighting a guild with a substantially higher BR but i think we still have a chance of winnig. We have the upper hand in the higher BRs with about 4 including the top warrior in the top 10, as opposed to their 2. But in the mid to lower is where they can make a stand with about even in members but they might have a little more.

    So i need help with comin up with a strategy, i was thinking of having 4 teams that ive evenly separated. My thought is to have the top warrior run around hunting down their best player (whose #2), and give assistance wherever needed, hes in a team himself but 2 of the 3 are also in top 10 so they can handle themselves, and the other teams will defend their towers while everyone else attacks their ward and cause mayhem?

    Some feedback would be alot of help and much appreciated

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    deffend 2 tower and take more if posible, put some players to delay they top member at all cost
    create deffend team around your ward, and send the rest for attack ward
    destroy chariot if posible. i think it will work
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