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[Edena Village] MoonLight Guild Recruiting

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  • [Edena Village] MoonLight Guild Recruiting

    As you walk past the doors of your Bounty Hall, you noticed a flyer on the recent events bulletin.
    The flyer shows a picture of the moon shining down onto a body of water.

    A feeling of nostalgia happens upon you as you remembered a time where one could sit and watch the stars in the sky without any worries.

    Your eyes catch glimpse of some text below the image.

    "MoonLight Guild City, one of the top 10 Guild Cities to visit and live, has recently finish their expansion of their residence area."
    In celebration, the Governor and her advisors have decided to let any man or women, veteran or new, to claim their own free lot of land within the city walls if they swear to The Code.

    The Code:
    I Swear to protect the City of MoonLight and her children
    I Swear to contribute to the City's wealth and help her grow
    I Swear to visit the city frequently and not let my estate go to ruin
    I Swear to help my sisters and brothers

    In return for your oath, you will be part of a family of sworn brother-in-arms and sister-in-arms. We will answer your call for aid if your kingdom was to be under siege. Everyone has the ability to partake in the politics of MoonLight and climb the political ladder within MoonLight City.

    Will you join us?

    Tetora of Ivalice, Officer to Mephala

    Lost in your thoughts, the Keeper of the Bounty Hall shouts at you from behind the counter,
    "Are you coming in or just going to stand there like an idiot?"

    His gruff voice snaps you back to reality as you close the door behind you and walk towards the Keeper.

    For those who don't like RP or aren't as bored as me...

    MoonLight Guild is Recruiting members! We are looking for active players to join us.
    All we ask is to be able active and try to play everyday for as long as you want.
    We are asking for at least 100 contribution per day to help the guild constantly grow.
    We have many active players that range from casual to hardcore.
    We have members from all over the world. General language spoken in chat is usually English, but there are time when other languages are spoken.

    If you wish to apply, you can do it through the game, and see if you get accepted. But the better way is to contact me in game through PM so we can see wether or not you would fit in with the guild. We don't want to bring people in who don't like the guild and then have to leave with 24 hour timer, we rather make sure you aren't going to make a mistake of choosing us.

    PM me in game, Tetora if you wish to join. You can contact other officers, but you probably won't get as quick as a response as if you would through me.

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    Now this is an effective guild intro. Nicely done! Too bad Im in a different server!


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      Originally posted by autlos View Post
      Now this is an effective guild intro. Nicely done! Too bad Im in a different server!
      ... if you decide to join our realm, you are welcomed to join us... =P


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        Ill keep that in mind! Thanks mate!


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          Thread closed, Guild drama ensued and I'm no longer apart of the guild. Feel free to contact them, i will leave this up because it was fun to write.