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request additional system like mount and pet system???

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  • request additional system like mount and pet system???

    first im a newbie in posting threads like this...and sorry for my bad english... im just wondering if the game has a mount system that can add some stats to the character while in battle like....(block,armor,defense or speed)?
    and i came up with an idea that if there's a mount system there should be a race event...

    the race event should use the QTE system where there's a combination of arrow keys...
    each checkpoint has a combination...then the winner would be the faster one that finishes the combination....
    of course with limitations..... also the mount should also have an extra bag slots.... or just add some storage
    system that would be better....

    since its unfair for the newbies in the game...there should be a mount class for everyone....

    for the pet system....

    since pet games is popular today how about adding pet system right?
    where the pet has an extra slot for astrals and can help you in battle.... you can also add some new seeds for the food of the pet right?

    hope you guys can come up with other system as well since wartune is the best game for me....

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    This is mine, you can read the comments from the other.
    -= S4 Lunaria's Grace =-
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      yeah i already read your post...

      i just came up with an idea that if there would be a mount system it would be a pain if theres no much use of it... so i added
      event like a mount race + the QTE system..... your idea was about a mount in the wild but mine is about the use of QTE system in the mount system....


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        Pet system is already out in the korean version. so it will come much much later on.


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          that would be great.... =) i have many ideas for this game but i dont have time to write great work for everyone...