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just my thoughs about wartune

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  • just my thoughs about wartune

    Hello and well meet community of wartune and gms, i just wanted to drop by and say that i hate browser games HOWEVER i am quite addicted with wartune so far its been a good game, i enjoyed especially the first part with the storyline and what not however i am quite dissapointed as how the game is turning out i barely get to see any story at all, and the leveling curve became just insane after hitting 30s also the crafting system from 5 to 50 per piece! is quite.... extreme i don't wanna imagine lvl 80 gear, i understand your guys want to keep players in game, but there are quite a lot, 80 lvls + so there is no need to do this, i would like to see more quests that give better experience the hell when i reached lvl 33 i didn't had a single storyline quest to do, i had to grind my way to 34 and believe me it wasn't fun.

    also the limits can be a little annoying... i understand about the dungeons among many other things but pvp and farming shouldn't have a limit otherwise what will peoples do once they are done with main tasks? i hope whoever is reading this take theses aspects into consideration

    in short i love wartune, i love the way the story was designed and i think it should play a way bigger role and i hope theses aspects are fixed to suit more the casual player, wartune is a great game with lots of potential, don't let it go to waste just because peoples become frustrated thanks for reading.