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Guild Invaders

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  • Guild Invaders

    Every now and then, the guild chambers are always attacked by invaders. When we attack the invaders and beat them, our reward is 10 guild contribution worth 10k gold. I suggest that every hour we get bigger monsters to fight with and get better contribution. Killing them almost the whole day does not give much gold. But I think bigger and tougher monsters will encourage guilidies to always be at chamber to share some gold for themsleves. Also, if you're planning on joining a group, Please Join JusticeLeague you'll be welcome
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    i agree they should be a little higher then lvl 40.


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      and in more quantity 3 is too less
      Sarcasm Intended


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        Im a free player and so i always try to get to the chambers to kill the invaders with holy fire. However, on my server a majority of people are level 60+ and can kill the invaders with one area hit. If the invaders got stronger, it would mean more chances for others to get contribution and help all guilds in the process.