I dont have any problem with current setup of bg....bg setup on br would be ridiculous.
I was just thinking about bg rather being on honor med. rank.

Reasons For:
1) Players stop camping at 44,49,54,59,64. since its according to honor ranking higher the lvl better for player. Player can stop exp. diet/ ignoring exp. Instead more exp. the better.
2) Everyone low lvl or high will enter the bg, since honor loss will be max 10 and people always have dryad, so higher lvl players get more honor but lower lvl players also make some honor at the end of day.
3) After LD most people dont do bg at all, partially because gain is low and high chance of losing 400 honor(including me), this would stop, bg is one of the most fun event because its the only 1 vs 1 pvp event. except cw ofc.

Reasons Against:
1) some lvl 60 private will own the bg. (counter: maybe initally but soon he will get his title and leave, higher lvl better for player)

Open to all comments, since this part of fourm is looked only by players. lmao.