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Any Information about the stat and skill for fire sylph ?

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    When it says something like 215% + 180 damage What does this mean? 215% of normal damage (2.15 x normal damage which normally would be in the 000s) + 180 damage which seems pointless or is the 180 something else?


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      Originally posted by R210893603 View Post
      When it says something like 215% + 180 damage What does this mean? 215% of normal damage (2.15 x normal damage which normally would be in the 000s) + 180 damage which seems pointless or is the 180 something else?
      Kindof. When it says 215%, it means 215% of both you and your Sylphs Attack Power (your MATK or PATK + your sylph's MATK or PATK (whichever is higher)) MINUS any MDEF or PDEF on the target.

      So say for example you have 22,000 MATK + Sylphs 3,000 MATK = 25,000. Now let's say the target has 10,000 MDEF. Total effective Attack power for the spell is 15,000 MATK. from there you mulitply that by 2.15 or 32,250 damage. Plus the 180 or 32,430. The 180 is just a base in case you are naked and your Sylph is only level 1.
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        215% * (atk-def)/2

        can sylphs hit 10x in awaken mode?


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          ask S1, they get it first ...........again


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            Originally posted by R224566182 View Post
            Keep in mind this is un-official translations of the skill set for the fire sylph:

            • Frenzy: Every 10% of your Max HP is missing, you will deal 3% more damage to the enemy.
            • Curse of Darkness: Every turn there is 10% chance to inflict "Chaos" to one of you enemy, causing them to attack their allies.
            • Shield of Dark Light: Reduce Critical Damage taken by 5%.

            • Shadow Strike: 170%+125 Physical Damage to one random enemy in the front row.
            • Delphic: Endless Devouring Consumes 500 Awakening Points, 310%+295 Physical Dark Damage to all Enemies, has a 50% chance to cause 2~4 enemies to lose 2% of their Max HP for 5 turns. (Cannot be purged)
            • Wicked Corrosion: Reduces HP by 76% of Physical Damage for 3 turns.
            • Dispel: Dispels 2 Positive Buffs for all enemies.
            • Soul Drain: 215%+180 Physical Dark Damage to one enemy in the front row. Heal yourself for 60% of the damage dealt to the enemy.
            • Cryptic Gaze: 230%+200 Physical Dark Damage to one random enemy. Causes the enemy player to reduce their Healing Abilities by 50%, lasts 3 turns.
            • Devil's Blessing: Consumes 500 Awakening Points, increase damage dealt to enemies by 30%, for 3 turns. However for 3 turns you take 10% more damage from enemies.

            Personally, I'm going to be farming the Lightning Sylph:

            • Plasma Accumulator: Every time you attack, your damage will be increased by 5%, can stack up to 10 times (50%), lasts 2 turns.
            • Plasma Field: A small chance that your target will not get a "Critical" next turn.
            • Electronic Mine Field: When you take damage there is a 10% chance that your next attack will have 15% more Critical Chance.

            • Thunder Goddess' Blessing: Consume 500 Awakening Points, Increase your Critical Chance and Critical Damage by 10% for 3 turns.
            • Delphic: Thunder Dome: Consume 500 Awakening Points, 470%+515 Magical Lightning Damage to 1~2 enemies.
            • Electric Shock: 185%+200 Magical Lightning Damage to a random enemy, the row of the selected enemy will receive 50% of that damage.
            • Thunder God's Punishment: 225%+250 Magical Lightning to the enemy back row, has an 80% chance to cause a random target inability to use Skills (Effects Bosses but Doesn't Effect Sylph Skills), lasts 2 turns.
            • Lightning Blast: 150%+100 Magical Lightning Damage to a random target, increase self's Floating Damage by 20%, lasts 2 rounds.
            • Lightning Strike: 165%+120 Magical Lightning damage to front row enemies.
            I thought i'll know what fire sylph skills are, but instead, i just learned what dark sylph skills are. -_-
            Thanks anyways for the info


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              so any info on fire sylph skill?
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                yes I have , they burn
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