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Market Issue: Say Wha!?

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  • Market Issue: Say Wha!?

    Since the Maket has 'issues' (whatever they are)

    How about releasing the Market with ONLY the.. Mystery (Random) Shop Item Feature Instead?

    That way while you fix the Market (Auctioning) issue Players can still spend their Balens on buying various random items offered by the market; makes sense right?

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    The market issue is they wouldnt earn so much money after realising it bcuz half of ppl that paying for game right now will earn balens from market


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      Yeah so i think if they are not going to release the market auction at this time then at least they can release the random item shop, so players can spend balens buying stuff, not trading with other players.. (did you read all what i wrote? )


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        come admin/mods at least answer to the possibility of the idea

        market with mystery shop items, at least.


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          market will be released after they create a patch for the game to get rid of the bugs first be patient.


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            WE Want Market

            Wartune Market
            July 6th, 2012 hero

            Within the Market of Wartune, you will find the Auction House and the Mystery Shop.

            The Auction House

            1. You may sell any unbound items for Balens here.
            2. You cannot cancel an auction once someone has made an offer.
            3. A listing fee is required when placing an item for sell in the Auction House.
            4. Once your auction is complete, check your mailbox. If the auction is successful, Balens will be sent. 20% of the total sale will be deducted due to trading fees. If the auction is unsuccessful or unfinished, your item will be returned.

            The Mystery Shop of Wartune

            1. You may buy rare items here.
            2. Items in the Mystery Shop reset automatically every four hours or can be reset manually using Balens.
            3. You may purchase up to 20 separate items from the Mystery Shop per day. Purchase counter resets daily at 5 AM.


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              Mystery shop, kthxbai


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                Originally posted by TURBOSTAR View Post
                market will be released after they create a patch for the game to get rid of the bugs first be patient.
                man this game is from china and from china developers they already got like 10 patches there its onlly need to be translated, and r2games need ofc buy this patch from them but for what?? ppl spending thousands of money already playin bugged game. nFrom r2games president point of view its pointless to spend money to buy that patch. They will when income will be lower but still even if they can just make another server so we will w8 long long time for patch


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                  I wouldn't say that. R2CS storm did say about few days to a week ago they are working on a patch to be created before they release the market and they noticed a few issues with the market system. Just give them a week or a month It will all fix itself.