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A few things

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  • A few things

    I am amazed nobody picked up on the skill system for a knight. Ok fine go 3 rounds and take no damage that's ok. But to be able to still attack as well is a joke. Considering the class has buffs to limit damage anyway. It is giving a penalty to every other class.
    second really frustrating part of the game is this rage meter. 100 rage is nowhere near enough to cover skills. e.g Archer debuff lvl 1 = 30 rage Decipher lvl 1 80 rage. There is no way to combo these two skills with rage at only 100.
    Last of all 200 stamina with 100 only refreshed is far too inadequate.Double it for a start . I seen this format before it will be a huge fail at its' current level.

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    Taking no damage for 3 rounds... funny joke R23105654 in PvP a warrior can be happy when his shield even lasts 2 rounds....^^maybe it`s a good combo with the Repell but the shield will rarely hold on for 3 rounds in PvP... as mage 1 oneshot sometimes the shield from a warrior with 11k hp and 1,9k mdeff... and for archer it isn`t too difficult too break trough too... but you could change the shield like that: 100% damage absortation for 3 rounds but the warrior can`t attack anymore and has a higher chance to be hitted... when he used the repell before it would be kinda bad for you or not? and they could finally tank