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Passage Through Cursed Sands not working right??

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  • Passage Through Cursed Sands not working right??

    Just hit Level 40 & trying the Passage Through Cursed Sands quest. I've made it all the way thru twice already, earning my "Reward" at the end both times. Both times, especially the second try, I was very careful to explore the entire map to collect & attack everything. But it won't complete the question, still showing up as 0/1.

    Have I missed something it's not telling me about? I'm kinda bored with the quest after 2 succesfull times already.

    The only possibility I can see is that I've started using Knights now instead of Gryphons, and my Knights aren't yet to Level 40 as I am. As long as I kill everything, it SHOULDN'T matter what level my soldiers are. But does it? Do they have to be level 40 also before it'll complete the quest?

    Help ....... Stuck ........ Please

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    P.S. I'm not sure if this is an actual bug or not, thus why I'm not reporting it as such at this time. The problem through the quest might just be something I'm missing, which other players may know about.


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      Anybody help??


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        Your type and level of troops shouldn't matter. Could you try clearing your cookies, cache and flash files and run it again, please?
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