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Entering level 80 Suggestion

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  • Entering level 80 Suggestion

    I: suggest, something extroadinary, like.. Leaving Town Home City into the wilds never come back until ur dead and out of HP Points.

    Anyone, want to add to this???

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    ?? some sort or survival mode ??
    if you or anyone has further questions please feel free to PM me or any other moderator.

    Kind regards Liquid_oxygen

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    then click on support


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      I think its a bad idea.
      1. The only reason it could be good for are rewards for long survival or something like that. But I think that's a spire's fate already.
      2. What would happen if you were offline? You'd be nowhere, or you'd be stuck just in one place waiting for others to attack you and battle like in sp arena?
      3. In wilds you can do particularily nothing. You can't go to cloud city from there, you can't do things you could do normally in a city. Building, upgrading academy (I don't want to say it's so much of a deal, from what I've heard it actually isn't at all) but actually you can't even go to multiplayer dungeons from there or to crypt, farm, bg or mp arena! And if, like, some people are lazy to attack you, or just don't want to attack you, you could be in wilds for eternity, just losing tempo, because you couldn't get insignia for medallions, crypts from crypt shop, something from spire or tok, maybe even rewards from gb or divine altar... I don't know how exactly are people limited in wilds. Still, I don't know how you, but I wouldn't want to just wait in wilds until someone attacks me or just unequip myself and go to commit the suicide.
      4. The only reasonable reason people in that high level could go to the wilds could be collecting kyanite from plunders. I think that in lv 80 the gold income would be so huge that the income from two best mines would be really meager. I particularily am lv 55 and don't go to wilds unless I need devotion for events.
      5. And even something like "Gladiators arena for people lv 80" is kinda strange, I think bgs and class wars are enough. And if it would be for like lvs 80 from 1 server, it could be just boosting lvs 80 (who are scarce in our server, only one to be exact) even more than it is now.


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        When you go on offline mode ur player shall automaticly restore Ancient Trees Farm etc. If you want to go to Cloude City you must defeat you're opponents. You will meet others for dungeons, raids, party experiencing getting to know people better about this game, and i think there should be more Cities for other players, i think Cloude City is full.

        I agree with most of what you say.

        How can i change my name in this Forum?


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          There should be a Leaf city once Clouds and Leafs are both the same. Nature~
          i expect these so others play would want to join this game, it's all about transfer points i guess.


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            Originally posted by R241023537 View Post
            How can i change my name in this Forum?
            Just go setting and you will find edit profile ~
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