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  • Beloved Crypt Tokens

    It would be great if wartune could either reduce the number of crypt tokens required to synth gear, or allow us to gather more per round in the catacombs.

    Currently with a crypt key you receive 192 per day. The 70 PVE gear requires 34,000 Crypt tokens, which correlates to 178 days’ worth of catacomb runs.

    That is a long time to rock the catacombs, being stuck in a growth stand still. I
    Even if you made an advanced crypt key that provided us with triple rewards, and made it 150 balens most people could or would buy it.
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    Ok, I quite liked this suggestion until you said "Pay for it".

    After reading that bit I would have to say NO. If this happens then it should be available to all.

    Finally, it would be nice if some "work" had to be done to obtain things. Otherwise why not start all at lv80 with max gears etc.


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      Originally it took 160 days to get full 70 set. Once your done 70 rings and jewelry you do not really need crypt tokens anymore. You also must take in account that high enough level fishing will give you crypt tokens too.


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        I like this very good suggestion+++++++