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Vault, mailbox, inventory space

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  • Vault, mailbox, inventory space

    a few questions:

    i was think of putting all my insigs, bounty scrolls, and some other stuff in vault then ask my guild leader to kick me. Most mails expire 30 days, so thats alot of space i can have for 30days, and by that time i have usage for my insigs. The question is: will my mailbox be full? the mails really having 30 days expiration?

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    I use mail for world boss gold storage, lasts 30 days unopened. Seems like a doable strategy in theory. Dunno how many pages you can have though, but can probably fit everything.


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      1 suggestion Never trust on mail box, once my items were gone when i change the guild when i was 50's, and heard the story of few guys from losing the item from mail box. and R2 never gives it back i do ticket still about the same, so never ever put your stuff in mail box. the wb gold is ok. but not the stuff..
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        ur mailbox will fill up with stuff anyways, so why bother getting kicked?
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          I lost mail several months ago containing two months of vip cards and several other things when I left a guild before. I didn't lose everything, but it deleted my items without the popup asking if you want to delete such and such... so be wary of what you're willing to do this with.


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            Originally posted by B4nsh33 View Post
            ur mailbox will fill up with stuff anyways, so why bother getting kicked?
            Because guild vault items go to mail once you leave/get kicked from a guild, don't think you can place them into mail otherwise, lol


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              been 10 days doing it. I can say it is very successful trick

              esp for noncashers


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                i buy exp box for all my insigines

                No need for insigiens any more have my 70 set and 80 set its only Crypt tookens.

                But when i need Insigiens i put them to Guild Valut normaly do i dont use them daily.
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