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Curcuit Quest Preview.

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  • Curcuit Quest Preview.

    Hey guys,

    See the attached Video for Circuit Quest Preview.

    Originally posted by Kessar View Post
    For level 80, here's what I'm seeing:

    -- every level, 4K gold and 20K daru (so for all 200, that's 800K gold and 4 million daru)
    -- in addition to above, every 10 levels (other than 50, 100, 150 and 200), 40 soul crystals (so for all 200, that's 640 soul crystals)
    -- at levels 50, 100 and 150, chest that gives 5 bounty scrolls, 3 fashion shards and 50 soul crystals (so for all 3 chests, that's 15 bounty scrolls, 9 fashion shards and 150 soul crystals)
    -- at level 200, chest gives 20 bounty scrolls, 200 soul crystals and random chance of one of the following: lvl 3-5 gem pack, 10 fate stones or 30 whips

    So total for all this is 800K gold, 4 million daru, 990 soul crystals, 35 bounty scrolls, 9 fashion shards and random chance of one of the following: lvl 3-5 gem pack, 10 fate stones or 30 whips.

    The gold part of the reward is a bit misleading as some of the quests require you to spend gold (see below) and the gold spent on those quests is often well above what you get as a reward from them.

    Some of the quests are quick and take very little time, like QTE, mousewacker and delivering messages to random NPCs. Some are quick and take very little but do take gold (almost always more gold than reward for them), like astral hunting, enhancing equipment and recruiting troops (the latter two are often a waste of gold once you've already enhanced all your equipment and since the troops you're buying are rarely the ones you actually use). Others cost nothing but take up time, such as killing 10 sylphs in the sylph atoll (more time consuming when you have to walk all the way to the 4th sylph area) or farming flowers in one of the sylph atoll areas. The last couple types involve killing monsters in specific MP or SP dungeons. These take time, but can also be annoying if you get them at a point in the day when you haven't done your daily MP and SP campaigns yet, as they often send you to lower level dungeons that it would be a waste for you to visit if you haven't done your MP for the day yet or if you have stamina you haven't used on SP campaigns yet.

    Is it worth it? All depends on how much time you have and what its worth to you. I'll probably do all 200 once, but not sure I see myself doing a lot of them in the future, other than perhaps when I'm just burning time at night some days in front of the TV with nothing better to click on.
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    Thanks for visual and audio demonstration.
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      Nice one Jacko and good choice for music .


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        nice man ty for post it
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          Okay seems like the rewards are less for lower levels. Supposedly it gets better at higher levels. If so then that isn't such a big deal. Just need to see if there was a nerf or not once more people start working through this.
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            Originally posted by 0xykotton View Post
            Nerf the ground. Just like the amethesis mines event, and you still have hard cashers thinking that the stuff they pay for is a good deal. This is what happens when players don't play smart and step up. R2 will keep on giving garbage rewards. 400k gold? It was 800k in Chinese servers. It was 200 souls over there as well.
            Taken from ProC
            The difficulty of the quests will be increased as the players higher their level, and of course more rewards will become available.
            Not necessarily nerfed just based on Jacko's vid.


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              Originally posted by Wraithraiser View Post
              Taken from ProC

              Not necessarily nerfed just based on Jacko's vid.

              I see. Well we need information from higher levels to see if it's nerfed or not. If it isn't nerfed then I apologize for my last post. Ill edit anyway just to stop any potential flame bait incase i am wrong.


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                Nice, thanks for the preview of circuit quests jacko. Keep up the good work.


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                  Yeah I thought the same at first that they nerfed it but hard to say until we see ourselves/hear from high lvl players. Its a possibility knowing them of course, but still for now we can hope the prizes are decent.


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                    Hope a high lvl from S1 types and thats the case depending on toon lvl otherwise will be great disappointment.


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                      thanks for this post. keep it up
                      let me cart. find someone else to help you suicide


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                        hope u make info and videos about new sylphs
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                          thx ... helpfull video for all players .... what waiting new patch
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                            They nerved the reward like amethyst mines.

                            In china i get with my lvl 36 char this rewards:

                            Every 50 quests done 100 soul crystals all 200 quests done 1300 soul crystals.

                            Every 10 quests done 20 soul crystals.

                            Every 50 quests 4 fashion shards total 12 shard 200 quests box dont give fashion shards.
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                              Originally posted by wartunekramevets View Post
                              hope u make info and videos about new sylphs
                              Yeah please make a video of the New sylphs Jacko :P