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  • Forced Wilds Move

    There are too many people in wilds camping zones more then 10lv's lower, to avoid plunders or prey on the weak. On servers with sparse population These leaves the higher zones that these people should be in almost completely bare. Once your 5 lv's over the suggested lv cap for a zone you should be forced to move onto the next zone. On our server In Particular The second highest BR is hiding in a zone a lv lower because they don't want to be plundered. but will plunder the lower lvs in that zone. This is a issue that needs to be fixed

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    If people wanna be cowards and lose gold then its up to them. Being in the higher level area with higher level mines is much better then staying with lower mines as long as you manage your gold. They can't plunder anyone 10 levels or more lower then them anyway so at some point they will have to move up


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      They don't move up, they keep lv'ing and with everyone around them lv'ing to there's no need to move up. At higher lv's the gold from holding mines is miniscule. compaired to the fear of being plundered by someone your own lv or higher. Granted it may seem unimportant but on sparsely populated servers 10-20 people in low lv zones that shouldn't be makes a huge difference.


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        They are removing wilds all together soon so why would they change this now?


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          Oh yeah..duh totally forgot about that..