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Hacking, handful of accounts lost so far

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  • Hacking, handful of accounts lost so far

    Hi there, I'm XiisSiix from S108 Blood Moorland. I'm here to ask that Wartune or more specifically Reality Squared Games find a stronger security system than what is implemented currently. There is a very real amount of danger going on in our server. Several characters have been hacked recently within the past week or two. I will not provide names to the public obviously but to a G.M. or moderator i will indeed accommodate you. We've been urging everyone to change their passwords as of late, making it harder to decrypt, guess, or otherwise understand. We don't seem to have an active G.M in server right now but we need help with whatever can be done. Whether it was through the Facebook app, or R2's Wartune site itself, characters have been stripped of all gear, astrals, etc. Some have been removed from their guilds and tossed into another guild. It's getting pretty hectic trying to play and worry about which of our friends will be missing next. We are currently running our own investigation on the matter are have a possible culprit in sight.
    A good idea for system security would be this, if someone does get past someone's login/password, then the system should check for normal user's IP address. If the IP address is to come up different than what it usually is then the system should implement a security question or two.I have actually seen this in another game when it had a problem with hackers as well so it's not impossible to do. Also, if it's possible is there a way for the GM/Admins to rollback a user's data to an earlier date? It doesn't have to be answered but, consider the fact these are people who have played for well over a year possibly even since the beginning. We've been trying to recover accounts, post threads, even track and locate our would be hacker and could really use someone. Help us out, please!
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    Most times it's just a case of people giving out their login information. When that is the case, there is nothing that can be done.

    However, affected players can send in a ticket. If those players get me their ticket numbers, I'll see what I can do to have it dug into, to see if it's account sharing gone horribly wrong or not.
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      Thank you much! I'll relay the message.