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2 days and counting .....

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    Originally posted by bakuryuuha View Post
    I'm just laughing my *** off here at how these ppl think 1 week is gonna make a difference. For most of us in EU servers (especially my own servers), the top few in x servers are not from the oldest server in our timezone but rather my server and some newer servers. Goes to show that not just big spending makes a diff since some of those in the oldest server also spend as much if not more. Problem is how one plans their char growth. Many of us can even afford to give older servers a 2 week headstart and still be ahead of them. For those asking for a reason, perhaps they should start thinking that if their server gets the new content first and as a result experience massive lag in everything for a week (gb, bg, arena, wb), lots of bugs (e.g. unable to do arena/wb/gb/gold rush/bg for a week) get new sylphs but skills bugged (does 0 dmg to opponents etc.) exchange the right type of essence only to get a seal that gives pan/iris instead after wasting 1 hr farming for those essences in a laggy atoll with millions of ppl and their noob alt (cause they want to see whats new) fighting to get the essence. That's probably just the least of the problems they experience in this 1 week. If you're really willing to forgo 1 week of growth, then go ahead and complain more and hope R2 switches to ur server to be test so u can see how much u actually lose out despite getting content 1 week ahead of others and see if ur really having any advantage while the rest of us laugh at your predicament and whine how you're getting a "1 week advantage" =P

    lol..talking rubbish