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what are the requirements to participate in CW?

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  • what are the requirements to participate in CW?

    Title says it all thank you by advance for your answers

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    all you need is level 50
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      i dont think we need spesific requirment to join cw
      maybe we need pass some level
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        level 50+ you are eligible
        Sarcasm Intended


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          But how are you selected?


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            all 50+ can enter it, so all players that are lvl 50+ are selected for the thursday cw where you'll have 15 fights which shall decide if you are selected for the finals as well


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              for finals the guys with maximum wins are selected.
              for preliminary everyone 50+ is eligible
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                well, once you're lvl 50 and above you get to participate in the preliminaries which are on the 2nd last thurs of the month and it starts 5mins before the end of 2nd arena. You'll be fighting for a total of 15 rounds against random opponents (anyone from lvl 50 - 80 and 50k - 150+k br). For now until the new patch, every 5 rounds gives you different amount of points if you win/lose the fight (e.g. first 5 rounds wins give 150 points while losses give only 100? Can't really recall the exact amount since I missed a couple of cw...) Anyway, depending on the total amount of points you have a the end of 15 rounds, the top 100 from preliminaries get to go into the finals which is on Saturday same timing as preliminaries. In the finals, each fight separates you into brackets. Unlike preliminaries, it is not point based but amount of wins. So those with the same number of wins will be matched at random against each other in next round and losers fight other losers. You'll only fight for a total of 10 rounds and whoever has the most wins are ranked accordingly. For those with same number of wins, the one with higher BR will be ranked higher. Normally a good estimate to ensure you want to enter the finals is to have around 3.5k points by the end of 15 fights in preliminaries (it usually gets me rank 6 or 7th place overall at least...).

                Also, depending on your class, the fights you'll experience is different. Mage CW are like a nightmare, followed by knights and easiest is Archers. Mages will be trying to out heal each other unless you're fighting an imbalanced fight (e.g mage with 45k matk 35k mdef and 150k hp vs a noob mage with only 25kmatk, 20k mdef and 80k hp). Whoever has the most hp left at end of 2min 30s wins the round usually (see who has the better heal rune and time their restore/BL better than the other or gets lucky with iris crit rain dance or lucky crit with pan dealing more dmg than enemy mage max hp). Knights CW is usually a blockfest. Whoever blocks more and has higher max hp n pdef wins the fight mostly since the block heals depending also on their pdef might make them heal more hp than the dmg they take. Most of the time it usually gets dragged to 2min 30s as well. Archers have it easy because the only heals we have is heal rune, bloodthirsty strike and sylph heals. We don't have much block either as most archers focus on crit build to max their dmg potential. Fights rarely hit 2min as most would've awaken their sylph by then and duke it out with nukes that can easily do more dmg than our own max hp sometimes...sometimes if the fight is imbalanced enough, it doesn't even last long enough for our sylph to be awakened...

                That about sums up most of the requirement along with some additional details that u can use to prepare ur toon for CW if u qualify =P
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