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    Prior to the Wartine 2.1 patch, I noticed the lag was not much. But now the lag is so much to the extent it makes some people feel like they want to quit the game. Let's face it, not everyone has the money to buy a good and strong PC, so I suggest R2 fix the lags rather than making new servers with lags. Somehow in the game, I have realised that some Guild Masters are just too pompous and they abuse their powers because they can't be kicked. I suggest we should have some kind of a voting system for the disposal of the Guild Master when the time comes for it to be so.
    Also, the last time I checked, War means a fight between two or more parties disagreeing with each other. somehow, I have got to notice that some people just get mad/angry just because someone is trying to enjoy the game. The Guild Master will form some kind of a funny "Etiquette" to govern a particular guild and hindering members from actually enjoying the game. To me, the best advice is Wartune is a game inwhich people play to have fun, it's not real life that you keep getting mad for just a fun feature added to the game
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