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Fishing And Jewel Hunt!

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  • Fishing And Jewel Hunt!

    Firstly, I'd like to thank the R2 Games Team for adding yet another two interesting minigames/adittions to the game. But I have some few suggestion that I think might work.
    For Fishing, I suggest we remove the count down/cooldown. Sometimes when a player tries to aim for a better fish, a fish appears out of no where and somehow, this tends to be annoying. We only have twenty attempts in just one day and alot of players are not able to finish the attempts in one day due to other activities in real life. I also suggest you remove the logs and barriers which tries to hinder us from getting or catching a better fish. I would also like to know when VIP Trial Cards would be released at what level of fishing.
    For Jewel Hunt,
    We all Wartuners or some know that you can play Jewel Hunt once you reach level forty eight(48). There are twenty(20) attempts given to all players which resets daily. So many player still do not know how to play the game even as to though the instructions and manuals are given. The twenty attempts is just not enough. The 150 balens for ten attempts is too expensive for those using bound balens. I suggest more attempts be added to the Jewel Hunt, maybe that way people would feel encouraged to keep playing the game. Thanks.
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    And another suggestion. that would make OTHER chests reachable WITHOUT thinking too much. (though really, it reminds me of Candy crush. ♥ I ended the game btw) I suggest of DOUBLING the rate of creating a combo. the scores targets remain the same. or create an event where when playing it the score is multiplied by 3 or something.
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      Cooldowns in the game are meant to annoy you, until you chose to buy VIP and/or Spirit Covenant.

      For a more detailed explanation of why they exist, do a google search with words "Chinese Browsers Game Cooldown".
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