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VIP Gives 800 balens a month like R2Games Crystal Saga game GM

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    +1 ...i would avail VIP if this happens ^_^
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      Originally posted by ProNab View Post
      ^ Is all I needed, soooo...they DON'T wanna pay...but still find some way to get balens? sure sounds logical, vouchers is already implemented, there is no need to offer them balens, what I DO suggest is just widen the variety of items they can purchase via Vouchers, I mean people can already "Reset SKills/Speed Up Processes/Increase Bag Capacity" these are already nice decent perks, get vouchers, use them all on Academy, have enough kyanite, speed up process of academy with vouchers, and use balens to speed up farming and use the balen only seeds, even with just $5-$10 you can get HOURS if not DAYS ahead in a matter of 5 minutes, you are saying no one playing this game can afford $5-$10? at least once? Really? Honestly? The option to buy Balens is open to the Public, it "IS" fair, unfair would be secretly pming players secret exclusive deals, but this is open to the public, and the Public itself has the option and choice wether to pay or not, if they wanna get ahead and be competitive sure go ahead, buy something, but you have to keep in mind this game is a Business, business runs on money, it keeps them paid, it keeps them working, it's what makes the world go round, all F2P is a business why do you think they are made in the 1st place? because people who "purchase" these benefits are the ones keeping the game running, not Free players, free players don't pay a dime, if you wanna state facts, it can be easier said that free players are "Leeching" off the game, they're allowed play for free which helps pass the time for more people, more then likely the top 100 will be more then likely or not cash shoppers, free players will usually be in the farther back rankings with themselves (unless you're in between the border line). This being said, Yes VIP should provide SOME sort of advantageous Benefit(s). Fact Remains Money helps keep the game free, and free players ditching the game (those actually willing) will have no effect on the company or community unless they begin leaving in masses which I doubt will happen since this game is literally addicting and so good to play.
      The whole thing is you let them have a taste of what balens can do, vouchers is not balens and won't do what they want them to do. If you want to bridge over those who are on the fence of buying balens. you let them have a taste, then when they want more than the small amount they can earn per day... they will be more inclined to purchase.

      Alienating the F2P players who won't pay is the dumbest idea ever. F2P makes up the most players of wartunes. Remove them all and you have maybe 20 VIPs. Players ARE CONTENT. If this game has no population, even if it is good i'm not going to pay to play by myself. Then you lose people who pay because there is no competition or any reason to play. No challenge or competition, dead game.

      Giving VIPS a significant advantage is the #1 way to kill the game.
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