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Guild: Eternal Darkness by Ambrozia

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  • Guild: Eternal Darkness by Ambrozia

    Eternal is a guild formed by a team of guild masters that dates back to the early 2000s. Eternal is short for Eternal Darkness, which is a guild that can be found in every game we play. Everquest II, Star Wars:The Old Republic and some others that are less known. We have a working system that allows us to reach beyond performance and into excellence. We strive to be our best, but not at the expense of growth.

    With Eternal, you'll find more of a family atmosphere in more ways than one and very often take with you friendships that go beyond just the game. In this, we have a tight circle of friends that we jump from game to game with when the time is right.

    Over the years, we've developed what we like to call a "Learning Guild" system. Where it doesn't matter what level you are, we'll take you in and answer your questions. We're not there just to play, we're there to teach. We combine all learned knowledge into one and share the wealth of knowledge. We believe in the "guildies before riches" system as well.

    Now that you've read about the background, let's get into what we can do for you as a whole. First we need to cover how the guild system works in this game from the user as well as the guild master aspect.

    *The more you put in, the more you gain from the guild.
    The guild system makes it to where you have to contribute in order to get its benefits. ie: if you want a skill from the tower, you must first have the required "wealth" to purchase it. It's a preset price that is NOT controlled by the guild master. Level 1 skills cost 200 "wealth" each save gold production. In order to get that 200 wealth, you must first contribute 100k gold. The gold you contribute is donated to the guild but also gives you your own wealth. This system is a great system, for it ensures those who want things from their guild, will help raise it. Then the accumulated guild wealth can be used to raise the guild level and buy the buildings that are needed as well as pay the weekly rent.

    Here's a good point to make right now: No matter how big the guild is that you are in, no matter if you choose an already established guild that has tower level 5, you're going to have to put in the contribution in order to "get the goods" so.. if you're looking for instant gratification in a guild, you're really not going to get it.

    How Eternal MAY be different from other guilds:
    We are pro active. We constantly look up new things, things we don't know about and learn, then teach others. If there's something we don't know, we'll find out!
    The guildmaster (me) has two alts in the guild that produce extra money to help raise the guild. They do not level as fast as my main, so if you are in need of grouping for the grouped dungeons, there's at least one alt to choose from. My alts put in about 2million gold every two days.
    Guild functions will come as the guild grows and when the trade system comes in. We hold games for prizes and the likes.
    Ranking is also something to consider. We rank on how much you do as whole for the guild. ie, one is more apt to raise in rank for answering newbie questions rather than how much they contribute gold

    Maturity: Although we include kids/teens in our membership, we are also fickle about maturity. Don't get me wrong, we're a bunch of goofs, but when it is indicated that someone is immature, we tend to talk to that someone and if it can't be resolved then they get the boot. It's done in private. We do not tolerate ill manners, disrespect or ego.

    We also do a Tip of the Day announcement to let you know li'l things that will help you save money, gain better exp and other little tid bits.

    Last but not least, we do have Teamspeak available by paid subscription. For you, it's free and if you want more info on this, just PM Ambrozia or Vortroxien for the info (as long as you're a guild member)

    SO, if this sounds like the guild for you, just look us up and check out our stats, it's updated each time the guild is updated.

    Hope to see you there!

    Ambrozia, Guildmaster of Eternal, Worg Lair
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    May the sun warm your soul, the moon light your eyes, the fog mystify your mind and the wind carry your spirit