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Inventory Password Idea

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  • Inventory Password Idea


    I am pretty sure most of you have heard of hackers/friends hacking into account and deleting everything for either jealousy or blood bath or whatever....I have a simple solution to this problem...

    How about we put PASSWORD LOCK on our inventory?? The REAL owner should be able set password on their inventory so whenever anybody get access to that account will have to put password in order to delete everything from the inventory...

    what u all think about this?

  • #2
    your suggestion is based on the fact that someone shall hack your account by finding the password himself, yet you consider that if he really wants to destroy your account he wont find your inventory pass? And how about the astrals and items on you?do I need to unlock them too with a pass?


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      Im sad that I wasted 10 seconds of my life reading this....if you don't trust people don't give out your account info simple as that
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        easy solution...DONT GIVE OUT YOUR ACCOUNT INFO!