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  • cw advice

    its there a chance that if you are lv 70+ you might get more enemy lv 70 + than if you are 60+

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    from my limited knowledge since I haven;t participated in many, the answer is no. The level doesnt matters at all in cw. The only difference is that if you are strong enough to be lvl 70 you'll win a lot more than the lvl 50+ so low chanches to meet them


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      Based on my experience if you are under lvl 70 u get 50-70% people from lvl 70-78 maybe 2 or 3 of your same lvl and prolly 1 of lower level



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        so if you below 70 you have the change to get more people + 70? also i ask because ive just lved to 69( i am a knight 95k br) and was thinking that if i will lv to 70 i can use the 7th astrals to, and also increase my academy (normal and advanced ) stats.


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          wait for more feedback, you'll see that everyones experience differs about the lvl of people they met. the points from cw are the ones that matters, and I highly doubt the lvl counts too, but lets wait and see what others have to say about it :P
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            hehe, ok draggy and tks guys


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              I hit level 70 last class wars, and only have 1 or 2 people below 70, but they had level 68 troops, so id say, you get more 70s, since everyone has rushed to level xD
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                As far as I understand it, opponents are selected on the basis of the number of matches you have won so far in the Class War session.

                So for the first few rounds it is totally random, and you could just as easily get a Lv 50 opponent as a Lv 80 one.

                As the rounds pass, those that are more powerful will inevitably have won more matches and so will be facing other players who are just as powerful themselves. The final 5 matches you will usually find yourself against players of around your level.

                There will always be the odd anomaly due to players who have either over-leveled or are heavy cashers with strength beyond the norm for their level,
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                  Preliminary matchups
                  Round 1 is completely random. You can get match with ANYONE of ANY level.
                  Subsequent rounds are matched based on the points you have -- you get matched with people who has similar number of points (or very close to you). Let's say you have 1500 points, you will get matched with people between 1450-1550 points.

                  Finals matchups
                  Round 1 is completely random.
                  Subsequent rounds is matched based on YOUR rank in THAT round. Example: If you're rank 34 after round 3, you will get matched with the person ranked 33 after round 3.

                  Hope it is clear for all.
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